Bid Process

All vendors must carefully read, understand, and submit proposals as outlined in the RFP posted to this web-portal. It is very important that all required components are addressed in the proposal as failure to do so will result in the proposal being rejected. Specific steps are listed below.


  1. Download and read the RFP.
  2. Review each RFP for which you would like to bid on. Read through the RFP and take special note of the due-dates and materials required for successful completion of the bid packet for that bid request. (The Attachment A that is included with all the RFP's contains the SCOPE OF SERVICE, that contains details about the requested solution and/or service).
  3. Download and complete the Application 170 Intent to Apply form and submit the form to the E-Rate coordinating office by the date listed on the calendar and in the RFP. You will need to complete one Application 170 for each RFP you would like to bid on.
  4. Attend all vendor meetings related to the RFP.
  5. Periodically check this web portal for updates that may affect your proposal.
  6. Complete the required components (See section 5.0 Proposal Contents) of the RFP.
  7. Submit the required number of response copies to the address listed in the RFP.